I have a secret love for pop music. It’s not something that I broadcast, but my wife knows about it. I really love all kinds of music. She may get in my car to blaring Ice Cube one day, Waylon Jennings the next and New Found Glory the next. I love metal and most all things rock n roll. But pop… I love it too. In fact, I cannot pick a favorite genre of music. I really think that each genre of music is able to speak to me on some level.

I love the simplicity of most pop. It’s easy to feel. There are no surprises. It just is. If I just want to not think, I’m throwing on some pop. That’s not saying it’s bad music and I don’t want to think about it, it’s just easy to digest. It’s easy to rest and listen to pop for me. My brain is able to detach from everything and focus on the simple rhythm.

I love the aggression of metal.

The story telling of country.

The way that rap tells me stories and allows me to feel something I may never have had the chance to otherwise.

I love the sexiest guitar lick EVER written in the intro of “Since I’ve Been Loving You” by Zeppelin.

I love the fun super light hearted pop punk of the early 2000’s.

I love the heart of change behind Rage Against The Machine.

I love to get lost in the story that Coltrane can tell without a single word.

I love Stevie Ray Vaughan’s prayer of forgiveness through his guitar in Riviera Paradise.

I simply love music. But over the past 5 years my love for music has evolved. I still love the same music, so my taste hasn’t evolved, just my love. I no longer feel the need to “bathe” in music. I crave quite time. I crave conversation.

Music has become more intimate now. I invite it in to the things that I love.

When I’m cooking breakfast for the family on a Saturday morning there is a good chance that I’m blasting old country from Willie, Waylon and the Boys.

When I’m writing I’m listening to mellow instrumental jams or maybe pop.

When I’m in the gym… RAP!

When I’m driving, 90’s alternative.

When I’m sitting alone in my office at home there may be a Zeppelin record spinning.

My life has changed. My tastes have not. I still love to feel. I love to feel art. EVERY artist that I enjoy regularly has a gift. They have a gift to evoke the emotions in me that they intended me to feel, and it’s beautiful. It’s intimate.

Music should be intimate. It should connect with more than just your ears. It should connect with your heart and soul.

Living in Music City had almost killed that in me at some point. But music has a way of taking hold and not letting go. Sometimes we just have to unplug and feel. Just allow an old track from earlier times that we connected with to take us back.

“Wait, Bobby isn’t talking about motivation or Jesus… is he OK? Is he going to have some crazy M. Night Shamalan moment and flip this on us?”

NO! I’m not. This is literally about music and our ability to miss the art in it (you can read into that if you want and blog about it on your own). This is about how music is a gift. How it has the ability to transport us to new places. How it has the ability to connect us across dividing lines.

Our country is CRAZY divided right now, but you know what? I probably listen to music that ALL sides listen to. I’m connected, if not by ideology, atleast by a song. And from my in depth scientific research (sarcasm) that song is probably a much deeper and real connection than some ideology which is fueled by human ignorance and pride.

Music is powerful, when we allow it to be. It is designed to connect to us on a deep level, a spiritual level.

Maybe next time you think it may be appropriate to post how your political view is “just the best and only way” you could think about sharing a song that speaks to you. Maybe even one that speaks to you so deeply that it could cross the dividing line and you and “the other side” may actually enjoy together.

Here’s my commitment. Outside of blogs, I’m going to do my damnedest to not share opinions that are divisive and I will share atleast one song a day that I think will speak to someone on a deep level. I’m going to commit to 30 days. But before I do let me get this one divisive thing out of my system. The Stones are always going to be better than the Beatles… ALWAYS.

Now who’s going to join me on this journey? Let’s connect. Share a song that speaks to you on a more than just surface level. Share something that has meat and feeling. Maybe even share why it speaks to you. Let’s have some fun with it and make it a point to listen to something we wouldn’t normally.

I’m going to start with the hashtag #unitedbymusic and maybe you can do the same. Let’s cross some lines folks.


Hungering for Holy Things


We are interesting. We are physical. We have mass. We can touch and feel. We can see ourselves. But then we are spiritual too. We can’t see that. But we can feel it.

We exist on 2 planes of reality at once. Jesus spoke of a kingdom that is “not of this world” and I believe that we have direct access to that and all of the glory that it has to offer at all times.

I believe that our desire for “more” is because we are designed to be intimately connected to something that this world can never offer. And because we are both physical and spiritual we attempt to achieve fullness through physical, because it’s just the easiest.

What generally happens is that we try to reach completeness and end up feeling more empty that before. Because our means of completeness have wildly false expectations.

We attempt to fulfill this hunger. This Desire. This NEED. With things of this world.

But in truth this is a hunger and thirst for the Holy things of a kingdom unseen.

We thirst for a living water, translated from the Greek as a water from a spring. Clean and pure.

We hunger for justice and mercy and redemption.

John the Baptist shouted “Repent. The Kingdom of Heaven is at hand.” And then Jesus exploded onto the scene.

turning Water into wine

flipping tables

hanging with Samaritan women

calling men who the ministry already rejected to follow him

building a church on a man who fell more times than we may ever

restoring sight to the blind

feeding thousands with a child’s lunch

healing the crippled to walk

dying to defeat death


You want to know what that void in your life looks like fulfilled? It looks like Jesus. Complete and total connection with that world that you can’t see but you feel calling your name.

That void is full of submission, service and sacrifice. That void was never meant to be filled by anything that you or this world has to offer. It wasn’t meant to filled by a man or a woman. It wasn’t meant to be filled by success or achievement. It is fulfilled with direct and intimate connection with the Father.

It is filled by the in dwelling of the Holy Spirit. The direct presence of God dwelling in in you. Nothing will make a man or woman feel more complete than the moment that the Holy Spirit says, “Alright, I’m here. Now let’s get to work.”

When the Spirit of the Living God takes up residence in you the things you feel change. The unseen kingdom becomes almost tangible. The stories of the bible of the blind seeing, the lame walking the water turning to wine… those stories become real. God begins to ask us to partake in those modern day stories.

He uses us to bring healing.

He uses us to continue his work.

He uses us to preach the good news.

He uses us to prepare the soil.

He uses us to scatter the seeds.

He uses us to harvest the crops.

Crops of redemption. Crops of salvation. Crops of wholeness.

There’s one thing that is consistent in scripture. Where ever the spirit of the Lord went things were impacted and history was changed.

Are you so addicted to control of your life that the Spirit of God in you is being restrained?

Let go of control today. See what it looks like when leave control and pride at the alter. Allow the Spirit of the Father to direct you.

Allow healing and restoration to flow from your finger tips.

Allow miracles to be a part of your life.

Allow your broken story to become complete.

Allow praise and prophesy to flow from your lips.

That void that you have held onto has held you back for far too long. Today, dive into the water. Sing at the top of your lungs. Dance before the Lord. Today is a new day. Today is THE day that you allow the Spirit of the Lord to be free from the tiny box that you put him in and stored away in the corner of your heart.

Today, live.


Hungering for Holy Things