Fear is a lie.

Make it a point to kick ass in everything that you do. Because kicking ass is memorable. Be the best damn whatever it is that you are that you can be! Be better than everyone around you at what you do.

Meet new people.

        Hear their stories.

                    Invite them into your stories. 

These are the things that you will remember.

You are going to remember that day that you sat in the front yard drinking a beer while your wife drank a glass of wine in the perfect TN spring weather.

You are going to remember running a 5k with your daughter.

You are going to remember coaching your son’s soccer team.

You are going to remember making homemade pizza with the help of 4 kids.

You are going to remember doing that one thing that you’ve always wanted to do but fear has stopped you… you will either remember doing it or being too afraid. Which do you want?

Life’s too damn short to be afraid of trying.

Go after those dreams.

At least try! 

Life is a gift. It’s short, but it’s full of amazing things to share with others. If you allow fear to dictate your decisions you will go through life experiencing only a fraction of the gift that it is.

You were created. You were uniquely designed. You have a distinct role to play. Fear will only stop you from being a bad ass in that.

The God that created you has empowered you to chase after those dreams. As a father I know what it feels like to watch my children chase their dreams. I can only imagine that is only a fraction of the joy that our Creator experiences when we pursue the unique gifts that he has for us… that he designed us for!

But don’t get so caught up in kicking ass that you miss the opportunity to enjoy the moment. Stop and breathe and smile and just BE! All of the ass kicking in the world doesn’t mean a thing if you’re not going to enjoy it.

So put your phone down and either go to sleep so you can kick ass tomorrow or go ahead and do something kick ass right now. The world needs more of us who aren’t going to let fear stop us from shooting for the stars.

Fear is a lie.