Pull this thread…

There’s something beautiful about brokenness. Maybe it’s the fact that brokenness reminds me of wholeness. Maybe it’s the fact that brokenness removes the responsibility of being perfect. Maybe it’s just that every single one of us have been broken at some point.
Regardless of what it is… it’s beautiful. We all share it. It’s a common thread of humanity. We have all been broken. We’ve all felt a small crack in our porcelain and we’ve felt that crack grow with each new hit. Some of us have shattered, some us haven’t hit that kind of pressure in life yet. But we’ve all cracked for sure.
Brokenness is a common thread, but it’s what happens afterward that separates us.
Do you live in brokenness or repair?
Do you allow pain and fear to drive you or do you seek wellness and joy?
There is no simple “just click here” for healing. That would be an asshole thing to suggest, but there is a path to wellness, for some people that path is long and winding and others it’s a short hop across the fence. Either way it is a process that you choose to engage in.
Healing doesn’t come from a quick snap of the fingers, it comes from the process. The process rarely involves being alone. Generally our healing comes in community. Where we can be vulnerable. Where we can be open. And where we can be poured into.
So, does your brokenness drive you?
Are you always striving to become whole?
Are you always looking for that next thing to bring fulfillment?
Here’s the deal. Those things that we want to bring wholeness never will. We weren’t ever meant to be fulfilled by much. The most fulfilling things in life are generally the simplest.
In most instances those are the root of what brings wholeness.
Seriously consider it for a second. What would bring you true long-term fulfillment that doesn’t have Friends, Family or Love at the root?
Like, I’m trying to think of something and I can’t.
The point is that we try to medicate our brokenness with success, fun, lust, things, titles, the list goes on but in the end the only thing that will heal us is actually going to be rooted in love.
You know the beauty of love? It actually is the exact opposite of the things that we attempt to medicate ourselves with.
Hmmm… weird.
It’s like there is some sort of outside force that tries to force us to do the exact opposite of what will actually help. Like there is some sort of unseen battle going on. Like maybe there is some kind of “kingdom” that people have been talking about for millennia that maybe isn’t of this world…
Where the first are last and the last are first.
And where complete wholeness comes from emptying oneself out to the point of death.
And through death life is given.
And where the guilty are pardoned.
And where the faithless are faithful.
And where the head of it all washes feet.
It’s like there may be a better plan for us to be restored to completion than the one we make up for ourselves.
If brokenness is the common thread hanging from our sweater, the world is sing. “Pull this thread as I walk away. Watch me unravel I’ll soon be naked. Lying on the floor. I’ve come undone.”
But maybe we don’t have to walk away. Maybe we can walk towards. Maybe we don’t have to lie on the floor naked and alone. Maybe, just maybe we can stay there, threads hanging and all. Maybe we can gather around the table with our shabby sweaters and feast.
Pull this thread…

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