All of creation groans.

Creation is engrained in us. We are part of it and we partake in it.

We are created and we create.

We inspire and we are inspired.

The truth of it is we can’t escape that part of the image we are created in.


God created.


The wind.


The waves.


The mountains.


The forests.


The desserts.


The birds.


The fish.


The mammals.


The reptiles.


God created us.

We are created in the image of a father who breathes life into nothingness.

In the C.S. Lewis novel The Magicians Nephew there is a scene where Aslan breathes creation. From his breath springs forth life, beauty… all of creation. The scene is one of the most beautiful things I have ever read. I literally cried while reading it.

THE son of God has is the direct representation of love and the shining example of what we should look like as image bearers of the Almighty.

 “Through him all things were made”

Through this man who laid down his life for you ALL THINGS were made. He is the creator broken for you. It is his nature (whatever that means when referring to wholly omniscience) to create.

I can’t wrap my mind around any of it really. I can only try. I can only trust.

Creation is part of who we are.

Creation is part of the sacrifice that God made for us.

Creation is.

You are designed to create. You are unique color on God’s infinite palate. You are uniquely you. And that uniquely you that you are is here to create and be part of the masterpiece that the Lord is preparing.

You may not feel it.

You may not know it.

You may not understand it.

But you are part of it. You are beautiful. You are a masterpiece.

What are you creating currently? How are you attempting to connect with the creator by accessing that part of his image in you? Creation is beautiful, it is a gift. How are you offering up creation as a gift?

Today, create.



Write a song.

Build something.

Start a business.

Type the first chapter of a book.

Make a friend.


Creation is wide. The limits are far. How do you create?

And then when you do create, how do you offer it back to the creator? How do you say, “Thank you Lord for allowing me access to this gift which is part of your character?”

You are fearfully and wonderfully made. Now, take that and run with it.





All of creation groans.

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