Slow the eff down.

I’m sitting outside of Starbucks.

Watching Netflix,

wrapping up an ad campaign,




being thankful.

It’s amazing outside. I have 1 daughter that lives and breathes compassion, 1 daughter that views life through the creative lens of our father, 1 daughter who fiercely knows and demands her place in life, 1 son who loves violently. Each one of them holds the most beautiful pieces of their mother, my captivating wife.

Life get’s busy. We move through and forget to stop and enjoy it. It’s a gift. It’s full of things meant to be enjoyed.

The blue sky that I’m looking at. The iced green tea that I’m drinking. The gentle breeze that is currently blowing. These are things that I generally take for granted. But right now. They are real. They are here. And so am I.

Slowing down is hard. It’s not natural. It goes against everything that we desire.

But who cares. Do it! Make it happen. Stop what you’re doing. Walk outside. Hell, kiss your wife, husband, girlfriend, boyfriend whatever. Hold your kid. Go for a run. Sit in the grass and soak in the sun. Do something and stop thinking in the moment. These moments don’t last, they’re here, then they’re gone. Life’s too short to not do things not worth remembering.

That moment… the one that just happened, it’s not coming back it’s gone.

Will you even remember it?


This moment is a gift.

Take it in.

Be thankful.


Slow the eff down.

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