Healed hands heal many.

A friend of mine once said something that has always stuck with me,

“Healed people heal people, hurt people hurt people.”

I can acknowledge so many places in my own behavior that is true. I can see where I have hurt people because of my hurts and I can see where I have helped bring healing because of healing that I have received.

I believe that we are designed to pass healing to the world. In fact we (Christ followers) are called to be ambassadors of Christ, be his representatives. Which would put a responsibility of healing on us. Spiritual healing is a gift, and we love to share our best gifts.

Our responsibility is to receive as much healing as we can! The overflow of that will be the passing on of that healing. The only way to receive healing is to die to the things that are holding you back from that. Generally, pride.

Jesus said, “Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.”

One thing about the truly poor, they can’t hide it. It’s out for us all to see.                          Loud and not so proud.

We, however, have no idea what that’s like.

We play our highlight reels on social media daily.

We show our riches to the world.

We hide our poverty behind our pride, we hide behind the jealousy of others, we mask our poverty with Instagram smiling faces.

I’m not saying that we should be tweeting ashes and sackcloth clad selfies, that would be the same thing as the smiling photos that are masking the pain… it would be a façade for the actual spiritual poverty.

What I’m saying is maybe our poverty would be best put on display by not displaying anything for a moment.

Maybe our poverty would have a chance to actually gain a voice if we silenced the constant public broadcast of ourselves.


The cure is in the silence.

The kingdom of heaven begins to whisper to us quietly in those moments when we take a moment to listen and not talk.

When the selfies are put on hold

when the highlight reel freezes

when we are too broken to care about those things.

In those moments, listen… be patient. Be still. Just know.

Healed hands heal many.

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