Fruit: Faith

Faith in its deepest sense, going back to the Greek and the root word used has an element of action…

After all what is faith if it is a mere thought that you are not willing to follow through with.

Scripture says that faith without works is dead….
It ceases to be relevant.
It’s a part of story that is no longer in play.

Where is your faith?

When I look at my children I see real faith.
It’s no wonder that Jesus refers to the faith of Children when addressing the issue.

When my oldest daughter was 3, we went hiking.
We made it to the top of a beautiful ridge where you could see for miles.
She climbed on top of a boulder and stood…. She was in the highest position.
Looking towards me all she could see was me, and the cliff behind me…
But she didn’t focus on the cliff
She only looked at me,
And then she jumped
Into my arms

She didn’t even consider that if I weren’t there or didn’t catch her she would have jumped and fallen over 100 feet.

God used 3 year old faith to grow mine.

He spoke to me through her act of complete trust
and I’ve been jumping ever since.

I could share with you our testimony of how God has brought us here, but you have your own… you have simple acts of faith that have brought you here.

Some of you had a simple act of getting out of bed this morning, begging God to give you a reason to breathe.

Some of you have the simple act of raising your children in a situation that seems hopeless, trusting that God will reveal the hope.

Someone in this room is living with the simple faith that God can and has redeemed you from choices of the past, hoping that what you read on paper and hear in a still small voice is real.

These simple acts of faith are the fruit of the seed that our abba father has planted in you.

Simple acts of faith drawing you nearer to him
Simple acts of faith making us more like him
Simple acts of faith making us more secure in who he has made us
Simple acts of faith drawing others to truth
You see there is no act of faith that is too simple
Every act of faith speaks to the ones around us struggling with that simple faith
Faith so simple that a child can conceive it, yet so simple that the eldest struggle with it.

With a simple faith I simply stood
Choices made and armor had
This shield of faith will do me good
The war horses poised and iron clad

This Faith is war, this faith is peace
The battle is not mine, I gladly give it up
Standing on the edge I take the leap
Struggling like a child He fills my cup

We are overflowing while rejoicing
Our simple struggles overcome with simple faith
In that victory we choose to sing
Our greatest failures erased with simple faith

Is it the choice that enables the faith
Or is it that faith that enables the choice
In the paradox of grace we bathe
In that we sing of faith in one loud voice

The battle is won the struggle is not ours
The shield of faith has done us good
Who was it that held us in the final hours
With simple faith we simply stood

Fruit: Faith

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