What does sacrificial love look like?

In Romans 9:3 Paul says:
“For I could wish that I myself were cursed and cut off from Christ for the sake of my people, those of my own race,”
Have you ever heard of this kind of love? There is only one other person I’ve ever heard or seen this kind of love through and that’s Jesus.
Think about what Paul is saying here. He wishes that he could be cursed and cut off from Jesus. The Greek used here for “cursed” is “to be beyond redemption”… If Paul had his way he would choose to be eternally separated from Jesus in order to save his brothers and bring them into the kingdom.
Does this speak of how little Paul’s love for Jesus was? Not at all, it just speaks to a very true “agape” love. 1 Corinthians 13 tells us that “love is not self seeking” and Paul to make this statement has to cast aside every ounce of self. He focuses on the needs of others.
I think American Christianity has made things very self-centered… so much so that any kind of sacrifice on the level that Paul is talking about would be considered blasphemy. I guess America has forgotten that Jesus for one moment in time was the most evil person to ever live… HE bore the sins of everyone, everywhere regardless of when they lived… past, present and future! Our savior bore the sin of Hitler, Stalin, Manson, you name it… “he who knew no sin became sin”
Talk about self sacrifice! When was the last time that you lived sacrificially… and I dont mean giving someone $20 but I mean in such a way that you would say to yourself, “their eternity is more important than me.”? Jesus is inviting us to interact with him and partner in a self-sacrificial life.
Begin by praying for others and pray that your desire for self would decrease and your desire for others would increase. Let’s experiment on this for a week. And then next week we will have a new exercise. I will be joining in this as well, Let’s see Jesus change our hearts! .

What does sacrificial love look like?

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