Heavy Revy

Heavy Revy is a term that I fist heard this Summer in Denver with a group of YWAM kids. It’s short for heavy revelation. As in revelation from God.

We can read, pray, worship, fast and go to church all day long, but one thing is clear; God wants to interact with us. He wants to speak to us. He wants us to listen. He chooses to allow us to participate in his plan, he doesn’t need us… but he loves us!

When we hear from God what do we do with it? When he reveals himself to us what do we do with that? What do we do with revelation from the creator of the heavens and earth?

There are times in prayer, reading or worship that I know that God is speaking to me. There are times when I receive revelation, and boom! All of the sudden something I was struggling with or just trying to understand makes sense. And it is a powerful feeling, to know that God just downloaded me with something that was eternally true.

Here’s the thing with revelation, it’s worthless unless it’s put into practice, or made known. If John had kept his revelation that he received on the island of Patmos to himself what kind of revelation would it be? When God speaks it changes things. When God gives revelation it should change you.

Revelation when put into practice creates revolution!

Revelation should create change. When God reveals something to you it should rock you to the core. What if the prophets had withheld their revelations? What if God is giving you revelation to share… to create a revolution?

This world is broken and it needs revelation. The greatest revelation was on the cross 2000 years ago, but revelation didn’t end there. Every act of revelation from God from then on has been designed to draw people back to that point, and make the power of Jesus Christ known to a world sick from lack of that revelation.

Is the Holy Spirit giving you revelation? Is he giving you truth to share and point the world to the ultimate truth?

I would challenge you to keep a journal. When you read, pray and worship be open to revelation. When God speaks jot it down. Compare what you feel God saying to what scripture says. If your word lines up with scripture then you have yourself a revelation. Apply it to your life and share when possible.

It’s an amazing feeling to realize that God can choose you to deliver a message that could alter eternity for someone. He could even choose you to bring about revolution within a culture, and Lord knows our culture needs it.

Revelation is what our faith hinges on. The revelation of the cross is the ultimate revelation and God chooses, out of love for us, to partner with us and bring us new revelation to point back to that ultimate revelation.

Don’t be afraid to receive from God. Don’t be afraid to share what God is giving you. He will give you revelation and he will give you the opportunity to turn that revelation into revolution. The question is how will you respond?

Heavy Revy

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