The Glorious Unseen “Lovesick” review

One thing that Ben Crist, front man of The Glorious Unseen, cannot be accused of is being dishonest in his music. A listen through the Glorious Unseen discography can attest to that. From kneeling at the feet of Jesus to asking God “why do you let evil have its way?” the music of the Glorious Unseen takes listeners on a journey. The newest offering from TGU is just another stop along the way… and I hope we hang out here for a while!
Lovesick is the latest album from TGU. Crist has spent the past 2 years devoted to developing his spiritual life through prayer and worship at the International House of Prayer in Kansas City, Mo. Dedicating countless hours to prayer in the 24/7 prayer room has had an impact on him, and it’s a good one!
The current journey of TGU is right into the presence of God. This may be my favorite album of theirs yet! It is honest, but the honesty is from a perspective that can only come from a place of intimacy with God. In the opening track Crist sings “What’s this warmth on my face? Could it be the Fathers embrace?” in such a way that you believe he is actually feeling what he is singing about.
Raw and intimate is the best way to describe this album. From the opening track the band is spot on. The best way to describe the sound, other than raw, which is a familiar description with this group, is layered. At every level from driving percussion to the atmospheric synth to the melodious guitars this album is layered with beauty. And lyrically it is just as deep and beautiful! In the track “I pour my love on you” Crist closes out the song with “if praise is like perfume, I lavish mine on you. Till every drop is gone I’ll pour my love.” with such an intensity that it is still ringing in my ears. It comes from an intimate place that only someone who truly understands could take you to. From beginning to end this album is phenomenal, worth every penny on iTunes or at your local retailer.
Stand out tracks on the album are “Make Me a Child”, “Harp in my Heart” and TGU’s rendition of “The More I Seek You”, Written by Zach Neese, made popular by Kari Jobe and sang at half of today’s contemporary worship services. The entire album is part of the TGU’s journey within the presence of God and the honest, raw and intimate lyrics take you there as the driven layers of instrumentation provide the path.

The Glorious Unseen “Lovesick” review

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